My son ton is practising the snookersport since he was about 17 years old. And as a proud mother I can say that he plays the balls quit well. So he is playing already several years the Dutch championship, and most of the times he is finishing at the last 16. At this moment he is playing the Dutch Snooker Ranking. And he is playing quit well . In teamcompetition he is playing  for Purmerend 1 in the premierleage. Since about 2 years he made his dream come thrue, and built his own snookerroom at the topfloor of his new house. Therefore he had to do a very big rebuilding, because the table is pretty heavy. So in the floor had to become iron beams.


The table gets his form

The result.

To see the ranking and the news klick at the banner of the KNBB.

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On april 14 2006 the Dutch tournament has been started. This day it was the couples who had to go first. This year Ton  played together with Lennon Starkey. They had a very good start. Eastermonday they will be playing the final against there opponents Richard van Leeuwen/Mark Stuten.

The way to the final here

And ofcourse mother wishes all the best. Toi toi toi

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15 april 2006, the start of the single men. Ton managed to keep the concentration and the best of his play. And after 4 games he reached the quarter finals. Tomorrow it will be another exiting day. Here the way to the quarter finals.

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16 april 2006

After another exciting day, he did it. He reached  the final . It means 2 finals tomorrow. And that is pretty unic. Whatever the outcome may be, I already been extremely proud of what he acheived. Here the way to the final. The report you can find on the site of KNBB (only in Dutch) on the link above.

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17 april 2006 It was a pretty exciting day. At 10:00 hour the game of the couples was started. And yes they made it. 3-1 Ton and Lennon won and have the cup. Congratulations boys. A wonderfull performance.

At 13:00 hour the final of the men. Rolf against Ton. Unfortunatly it was to mutch for Ton, and gave it all in the morning. After 4-1 behind, he came back at 4-2, but had to leave the game to Rolf, and lost the final with 5-2. But he can look back at a splended tournament, and will be the runner up this year in the Netherlands.