A few months a go a new member joint our mailinggroup Aan4 of seniorweb. His name Pieter kommer. Pieter is a sculptor and does have an atelier in the village Berkhout, in the top of the province Noord Holland, named "Piriti". Well this was an add of our mailinggroup. In no time Pieter made the group enthousiastic for his passion. Although most members of the group saw nothing in making a sculpture, there was an other possibility. And that was making a mosaic So after expressing our wishes we made an arrangement for a date, and Pieter was making enthousiast the preperations. It became a beautiful succesful day, and for many members it lead to a mosaic adiction. They surely will continue. So here are the results to see.


Under some other examples of scultures from Pieter and one of his students.